family: brett & amanda

christmas is upon us. 2017 has truly flown by, hasn’t it? in a week we will be getting ready to kiss it goodbye and welcome a new year. i do hope that everyone reading this has had the best year they could have. recently, i reconnected with an old school friend. i met amanda in 7th grade - she was the new girl in our school and she’s actually told me she was scared to approach me in our art class. but i am glad that she did because we became great friends from that point and remained close throughout high school. like any people do after they graduate, we drifted apart but the connection was always still there. her parents were my godparents during my quincenera, we’ve traveled together, we have a lot of the same taste in things. i always knew that she would be there if i needed her and i would be there for her as well. i was so happy for her when she told me that she was going to have a baby this year. i’ve said it before, but my mind is still blown that so many of my friends are married now and/or have children of their own. it does seem sometimes like we just graduated from high school. she asked me to photograph her family for the holidays in their home and i was more than happy to do this. i truly had a great time spending a couple of hours photographing amanda, brett, baby daxton, and their pup fiona. i know i’ll be seeing so much more of them and i look forward to it.

i hope you all have a very merry christmas and a happy new year!

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