introducing me

hello! i know that there is an about me button located at the top of the page, but i really wanted to take a moment to sit down and really tell you more about myself. before i shoot with my clients i  like to take the time to have coffee with them first so we can get to know each other a little better before our actual shooting session. believe me, i get first time jitters when meeting new people too! but i feel that by writing this it will help you all also get a feel for my personality.

i’ve been interested in photography since i was a senior in high school, so a little over 12 years now. i began shooting for my high school yearbook and taking photos at concerts with my little disposable cameras and my love for capturing these moments just grew and grew. i specialize mainly in portraiture; seniors, lifestyle, and a little fashion every now and then. i feel like these three categories intertwine which makes it so fun for me. i love shooting seniors because they have their own sense of style and they know what they like and don’t like. i always try to make it a great time.

i am currently not married, nor do i have children of my own, but i do have nieces and nephews that i love more than the world. i am very family oriented. in the summer you can usually find me with my mom and my sisters or my aunt and cousins, almost always by the pool or eating some good food. we’re mexican-american and almost every get together, no matter what it is, is an event. i absolutely love it. nothing makes me happier than being with my family and friends.

i turned 30 years old this month and i have to tell you, i really struggled with this birthday. society has always told us that women should be married with at least one or two children by the time they’re even 25, however, that never happened for me. so in a way, this whole year leading up to about a week before my birthday i really felt like i had failed at life. it wasn’t until a few days after my big 3-0 that i came to realize that there is no “right way” to do life, there are no rules, and the best way to live life is to just do what makes you happy. times are changing now and women are getting married and having children later, some women choose not to do these things at all, either way - it’s all okay because we get to choose how we want to live now. to celebrate this birthday, i had my friend and fellow photographer erin mcconnell take my photos. she is amazingly talented and the raddest girl in the world. i could not ask for a better friend to make me feel confident in myself. to see more of her work, check out her website:

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